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    Top 5 Trending Sunglasses for Women in 2023

    Top 5 Trending Sunglasses for Women in 2023

    2023 has been a complete game-changer in the eyewear industry, with sunglasses, in particular, taking the spotlight. Today, we'll introduce you to the top 5 trending sunglasses for women that have been revamped with new shapes, designs, and sizes.

    The Brand to Look Out For: Tom Ford

    Tom Ford sunglasses have recently been conquering the fashion world, whether it's women's sunglasses or sunglasses for men. With innovative and fashionable designs and state-of-the-art finishing, Tom Ford sunglasses show no signs of stepping off the pedestal anytime soon in the near future, We're expecting a lot more designs and shapes in the near future. You can find all of the trending Tom-Ford sunglasses here at The Oculist.

    No. 1: FT0788-F | Tom Ford

    FT0788-F Tom Ford Cat Eyes have been a trending superstar since the start of 2023. The best part about them is the versatility they bring along them, Whether it's a beach party, a cruise, or just a casual coffee meetup, these are the go-to sunglasses for women for every occasion as they make up the perfect Diva look.

    No. 2: Zara | 800-039

    A game-changer introduced mid-year, these sunglasses define what fashion for women is all about. Mostly popular with celebrities and influencers who take advantage of the frame's versatility and uniqueness, These sunglasses live up to the brand's reputation for delivering the most perfect fashion statement.

    No. 3: Golden Octagon | Ray-Ban

    Although introduced a while ago, these sunglasses started booming in 2023. A best seller at our Oculist Shahbaz Commercial Outlet, this model is beloved by ladies' and gents alike due to it's extra ordinary shape. It's a testament to its brand's reputation as the leading sunglasses manufacturer for over 60 years and counting.

    No. 4: FT0788-L | Tom Ford

    These brown fashion icons are the perfect sunglasses for the summer. They make a perfect fashion statement for a holiday trip to Dubai. These sunglasses were a vacation sellout at the Oculist, thanks to their luxurious and fashionable design. They're an irresistible purchase for anyone looking to upgrade their fashion sense.

    No. 5: 191S | Marc Jacobs

    Marc Jacobs has truly been a testament in the eyewear industry. These oversized cat-eyes have been a consistent best-seller with us for quite a while. With unparalleled design and craftsmanship, they are truly worth the price they're set for and continue to be a fashion statement for women not just in Pakistan but all over the world.

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